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My name's Stu. People call me Stu, Stuey, Chappo, Chapstick, Stu Balls, Beef Stu, Stu Banger, Stu Burger and Stuart, amongst a wide array of diverse and endearing names...

I'm a visual storyteller specialising in graphic design, art direction, project curation, photography, video, social and digital mediums. I have a passion for connecting with like-minded humans and creating projects with a strong sense of community. I love creating a collaborative environment that is fun and interactive yet strategic in its approach, allowing the creative process to grow organically to effectively reach its full potential. I love being around that raw, authentic energy and injecting my own knowledge and expertise into the mix.

I have worked across a range of industries as a freelance designer, in-house designer and creative consultant for the past 17 years, picking up various awards along the way. I'm the Founder and Curator of film photography project Indisposable Concept, and moonlight as the Creative Director at Double Deuce, a small creative agency with big ideas.

Have an idea you want to bring to life or just want to say hello? Please drop me a line sometime.

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